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2014 - 2015 Program Year

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September 4 -- MEETING.   Dan Small will tell us about the Chester River Research Station: Bird Banding, Population monitoring and Grassland management for breeding birds.

September 6 -- HUGHES HOLLOW BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES.  Leader: Pat Caro (240-651-5651).

September 13 -- MEETING.   MOS Board Meeting.

September 20 -- FREDERICK WATERSHED.   Search for migrating fall warblers. Leader: Lois Kauffman (301-845-6690).

October 2 -- MEETING.   Gail Mackiernan speaking on her trip to the Philippines.

October 11 -- BIG POOL.   Search this lovely spot for late migrants and early waterfowl. Leader: Dan Paul / Miranda Nemeth(724-470-3959) / Mike Welch.

October 25 / 26 -- LOCAL HAWK WATCH Date / location dependent on weather. Reservations required. Leader: Tom Humphrey (301-696-8540).

November 6 -- MEETING.   Bird feeders / boxes / technology / optics / resources. Keith & Beth Hamilton, Kathy Calvert, others.

November 15 -- POINT LOOKOUT.   Full day trip. We'll look for early winter waterfowl and other birds. Leader: Kathy Brown (301-865-1369).

December 4 -- CHRISTMAS DINNER AND MEETING.   For our annual dinner, our speaker will be Marcia Balestri speaking on her travels to Brazil. Dinner will be at the Homewood at 6:00 P.M. at a cost of $18 per person. Please make reservations with and send money to Treasurer Nancy Parker before 11/21/2014.

December 6 -- BLACKWATER TRIP.   Full day trip for wintering waterfowl. Leader: Kathy Calvert (301-810-5677).

December 6 -- MEETING.   MOS Board Meeting.   

December 14 -- CATOCTIN CHRISTMAS COUNT #62.   Birders of all ages and levels of experience needed!   Compiler: Mike Welch (301-685-3561).

December 27 -- WASHINGTON COUNTY CHRISTMAS COUNT.   Enjoy a day in the field helping out our neighbors to the west - Coordinator Mark Abdy, mjabdy@yahoo.com, 301-432-7696.   

December 28 -- SUGARLOAF CHRISTMAS COUNT.   All are welcome! FBC Coordinator: Helen Horrocks (301-831-6315).   

January 4 -- AUDREY CARROLL MID-WINTER COUNT.   Meet at the Sanctuary at 6:30 AM, and be prepared to visit all parts of the sanctuary's 129 acres.   You may want your waterproof boots.   Compiler: David Smith (410-549-7082).

January 8 (2nd Thursday) -- MEETING.   Bob Schaefer will speak on hummingbirds.

January 11 -- FRED ARCHIBALD MID-WINTER COUNT.   Meet at the Sanctuary at 6:30 AM, and be ready to cover 140 acres.   Don't forget waterproof boots.   Compiler: Bob Schaefer (301-831-5660).

January 31, rain date February 1 -- C&O CANAL MID-WINTER COUNT.  Compiler: TBD

February 1 -- FREDERICK COUNTY MID-WINTER COUNT.   This is the last, but not the least, of our winter counts!   The reward afterwards is the enjoyable tally-rally at David and Carol's house.   Compiler: David Smith (410-549-7082).

February 5 -- MEETING.   Kurt Schwarz will speak on Cape May migrations.

February 13-16 -- GREAT BACKYARD BIRD COUNT.   Count one day or all four!

February 14-16 -- EASTERN SHORE WEEKEND TRIP.   Leader: Tom Humphrey (301-696-8540).

March 1 -- WOODCOCK AT (LOCATION TBD).   Leader: David Smith (410-549-7082).

March 5 -- MEETING.   Members' Night. This will feature a variety of short presentations of photos, slides, and / or videos from our members. Who knows where it may take us! Please let Tom Humphrey know in advance if you want to be on the agenda (301-696-8540).

March 7 -- FREDERICK COUNTY WATERFOWL.   Leader: Mike Welch (301-685-3561).

March 7 -- MEETING.   MOS Board Meeting.   

March 21 -- MIDDLE CREEK WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA (north of Lancaster, PA).   All-day trip. Looking for overwintering birds and early migrants. Leader: Lois Kauffman (301-845-6690).

April 2 -- MEETING.   Bird Trivia Quiz: not just identification but all kinds of questions about birds! Coordinators: Mike Welch and Kathy Brown.

April 4 -- DRIVING TOUR OF LOCAL RAPTOR NESTS.   Reservations required. Leader: Tom Humphrey (301-696-8540).

April 25 -- NATIVE PLANT SALE of the Audubon Society of Central Maryland, held at the Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary.   Please support this sale at one of our favorite and most productive birding hot spots.   More information can be found HERE.

April 26 -- LITTLE BENNETT Early warblers and other spring specialties. Leader: Kathy Calvert (301-810-5677).

May 3 -- FRED ARCHIBALD MAY COUNT.   Meet at the Sanctuary at 6:00 AM.   Coordinator: Bob Schaefer (301-831-5660, Bob).

May 7 -- MEETING.   Mike Welch will tell us about the birds and history of New Zealand.

May 9 -- FREDERICK COUNTY MAY COUNT #51.   It's peak migration, so this is the most fun you can have working on a census.   Lots of eyes and ears are needed! Compiler: TBD.

May 10 -- AUDREY CARROLL MAY COUNT.   Meet at the Sanctuary at 6:00 AM.   Coordinator: David Smith (410-549-7082).

May 15-17 -- MOS CONFERENCE.   Clarion Hotel, Hagerstown. Watch your Maryland Yellowthroat for details.

May 19-21 -- MAGEE MARSH TRIP.   A two-night trip to this Ohio hot spot. This is a weekday trip, which should be less crowded. Leaders: Pat Caro (240-651-5651) and Kathy Brown (301-865-1369).

May 30 -- WESTERN MARYLAND.   Full-day trip looking for goshawks, warblers, Henslow's sparrow, Alder Flycatcher and other mountain specialties. Leader: Mike Welch (301-685-3561).

June 4 -- ANNUAL PICNIC.   Our favorite spot for this event is Pinecliff Park, where there is a lovely pavilion just in case we have a bit of rain.   Bring binoculars, a dish to share, plate, utensils and drink.   We'll meet at 6:00 PM to eat and then do a bit of birding.

June 11 -- CHAPTER PLANNING MEETING.   Please come with your ideas for programs or field trips. Call Tom Humphrey (301-696-8540) for information.   Email suggestions to Kathy Brown.

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Faded Background: Black-Crowned Night Heron at Culler Lake

Image by Anonymous

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