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2009 - 2010 Program Year

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September 3 -- MEETING.   Our kick-off meeting for the year will feature Kurt Schwarz and his program on Trogons and Mot-Mots of Western Mexico.

September 19 -- FREDERICK COUNTY FALL COUNT.   Kathy Calvert will coordinate our 10th county-wide fall census, in the absence of our regular compiler-extraordinaire, Mike Welch. Call Kathy (301-698-1298) to be placed with a team or assigned a territory. Tally Rally at the Calvert’s.

September 26 -- SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN.   Barbara Gearhart will lead us on a quest for fall migrants on Mt. Ephraim Road and Sugarloaf Mountain. Walking may be uphill and vigorous depending on where the warblers are. Please call Barbara (301-371-3435) if you are coming.

October 1 -- MEETING.   Our speaker will be David Smith of the Aquatic Ecology Lab, USGS. His topic will be “The Horseshoe Crab and Shorebird Connection.”

October 3 -- WAGGONER’S GAP.   Waggoner’s Gap is a small gap in the Kittatinny Mountain ridge in south central Pennsylvania. This site is owned and maintained by Pennsylvania Audubon and is an excellent place to see migrating raptors. Please call Tom Humphrey (301-696-8540) to join the group.

October 10 -- LILYPONS.   Mike Welch will lead a joint Frederick-Montgomery trip to this popular local birding spot. We’ll look for Nelson’s Sparrow and other fall migrants. Please call Mike (301-685-3561) to let him know you are coming.

October 24 -- FALL AT AUDREY CARROLL.   David Smith will lead a trip to see what new birds we can add to the already extensive list for this lovely sanctuary. Please call David (410-549-7082) if you are coming.

November 5 -- MEETING.   Wil Hershberger will entertain, educate, and amaze us with the symphonies created by our smallest winged creatures in a program on “The Songs of Insects.”

November 15 -- BIRDING FOR BEGINNERS.   We especially welcome children on this walk through Lilypons where we will delight and inspire young (and young at heart) inquisitive new birders (experienced birders welcome too!). Contact Pat Caro (301-845-6246) for information.

November 21 -- WATERFOWL WANDER.   We will visit birding spots wherever there are interesting reports, possibly across the Bay Bridge. The exact itinerary will be determined by the leader as the date approaches. Please call Lois Kauffman (301-845-6690) if you are coming.

December 3 -- CHRISTMAS DINNER AND MEETING.   Our featured speaker will be Middleton Evans, Baltimore native and devoted photographer of our State, who has published books of his stunning Maryland photographs. Dinner will be at the COZY Restaurant in Thurmont at 6:00 PM at a cost of $15.50 per person. Please make reservations with and send money to Treasurer Nancy Parker before 11/25/09.

December 13 -- CATOCTIN CHRISTMAS COUNT #60.   Call Mike Welch (301-685-3561) to participate. Birders of all ages and levels of experience needed!

December 28 -- WASHINGTON COUNTY CHRISTMAS COUNT.   Contact Dave Weesner (301-302-6376) if you can help.

January 3 -- SUGARLOAF CHRISTMAS COUNT.   Contact Helen Horrocks (301-831-6315) to participate. All are welcome!

January 7 -- MEETING.   Let's escape for a few hours from our winter weather, kick back and spend an evening birding on the Gulf Coast of Florida with Jim Green. Jim will take us to Ding Darling, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Fort Myers Beach and much more.

January 10 -- AUDREY CARROLL MID-WINTER COUNT.   Meet at the Sanctuary at 6:30 AM. You will want your waterproof boots. Call David Smith (410-549-7082) for further information.

January 16 -- FRED ARCHIBALD MID-WINTER COUNT.   Meet at the Sanctuary at 6:30 AM. Don’t forget waterproof boots. Contact Bob Schaefer (301-831-5660, robert.schaefer@gmail.com) for further information.

January 23 -- C & O CANAL MID-WINTER COUNT.   Make-up date will be Jan. 24 if the weather is bad. Contact Peter Vankevich (PeteVankevich@gmail.com) (202-468-2871) to participate.

January 31 -- FREDERICK COUNTY MID-WINTER COUNT.   Call David Smith (410-549-7082) to sign up. Tally Rally at David and Carol’s house.

February 4 -- MEETING.   Tom Stephenson, photographer and bird guide from Ithaca, New York, and member of the Zeiss digiscoping team for the World Series of Birding, will present his photographs and a program on “The Birds and Wildlife of Madagascar, Island of Endemism.”

February 13-15 -- PRESIDENTS’ WEEKEND TRIP.   We haven’t done this trip to the Eastern Shore in several years. It’s time we packed up our warmest hats and gloves and enjoyed a winter birding adventure. Call Mike Welch (301-685-3561) for details and to reserve a spot.

February 20 -- POINT LOOKOUT.   We’ll head all the way down to the state park at the Point in St. Mary’s County, with stops at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp and Flag Ponds Nature Park in Calvert County. Dress warmly for the bracing wind on the causeway! Call Kathy Calvert (301-698-1298) if you plan to go.

March 4 -- MEETING.   Members’ Night. We are an interesting group with a diverse repertoire of travels and experiences. If you don’t have enough to put together a complete program for us, this meeting is your chance to share a smaller scale of photos or videos with the group. Call Kathy Calvert (301-698-1298) if you would like to participate. We will try to collect all the digital photos on one flash drive in advance so we can project efficiently during the meeting.

March 6 -- TIMBERDOODLES at Audrey Carroll.   David Smith will lead us on an evening search for American Woodcocks. Bring a flashlight and wear waterproof boots. For information call David (410-549-7082).

March 20 -- BLACK HILL REGIONAL PARK.   We will visit the lake at Black Hill Regional Park in Montgomery County, one of the best places for wintering waterfowl. Red-necked Grebes, Canvasbacks, and Redheads will be among the species we will be seeking. For information contact Pat Caro at 301-845-6246.

April 1 -- MEETING.   Mike Welch bird quiz - can you identify Maryland birds from photos and sound recordings? Last year we all demonstrated that we needed a bit of practice on this. We promise not to publish the results!

April 11 -- HUGHES HOLLOW.   Jim Green will lead us around Hughes Hollow and nearby sites in northwestern Montgomery County. This wetlands area is good for waterfowl, wintering song birds, and Red-headed Woodpeckers. For information, call Jim at 301-208-2393.

April 17 -- BLUE MASH.   Helen Horrocks will lead us on a trip to this very birdy site in Montgomery County. If weather has been wet, waterproof boots might be a good idea. Contact Helen at (301-831-6315) to attend.

April 24 -- NATIVE PLANT SALE.   The annual native plant sale of the Audubon Society of Central Maryland is held at the Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary. We encourage you to support this sale at one of our favorite and most productive birding hot spots. More information can be found at http://www.centralmdaudubon.org.

April 25 -- FREDERICK COUNTY BIG DAY.   This is our second annual Big Day. Help us find as many species as possible in Frederick County in one day. We will put together teams to try to cover the county and try to top last year’s total of 134 species. You can start at any time and finish at any time. Call Mike Welch (301-685-3561) if you would like to participate.

May 1 -- LITTLE BENNETT REGIONAL PARK.   We will look for migrating warblers and other returning species in this lovely area in Montgomery County. Call Gemma Radko (301-514-2894) for further information.

May 2 -- FRED ARCHIBALD MAY COUNT.   Meet at the Sanctuary at 6:00 AM. Contact Bob Schaefer (301-831-5660, robert.schaefer@gmail.com) for further information.

May 6 -- MEETING.   John Bjerke and Cyndie Loeper will present an abbreviated version of their well-known workshop on “Shorebird Identification” to help prepare us for the tricky identification process during shorebird migration in July and August.

May 8 -- FREDERICK COUNTY MAY COUNT #46.   Join the crowd for our local county-wide census. Lots of help is needed! Contact Mike Welch (301-685-3561) to assist.

May 9 -- AUDREY CARROLL MAY COUNT.   Meet at the Sanctuary at 6:00 AM. Call David Smith (410-549-7082) for further information.

May 22 -- SOLDIER’S DELIGHT.   We’re planning a new field trip to this serpentine barren in western Baltimore County where we will seek out warblers, flycatchers and tanagers as spring migration slows down and breeding season gets underway. Our leader will be Keith Costley from the Baltimore Bird Club. Contact Kathy Calvert to find out where and when we will meet (301-698-1298).

June 3 -- ANNUAL PICNIC.   We will return to Pine Cliff Park this year for our spring picnic. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather, but we will meet under a pavilion just in case. Bring binoculars, a dish to share, plate, drink and utensils. We’ll meet at 6:00 PM for birding and eats.

June 6 -- WESTERN MARYLAND.   We will head to some hot spots in western Maryland and look for some of the local breeders, including Least and Alder Flycatchers, Golden-winged and lots of other Warblers, and Henslow’s Sparrow. Call Marcia Balestri (301-473-5098) for information.

June 10 -- CHAPTER PLANNING MEETING.   Please come to the planning meeting for our next program year and bring your ideas for programs or field trips. Meet at 7:00 PM at Kathy Calvert’s house. Call Kathy (301-698-1298) for information and directions.

June 11-13 -- MOS ANNUAL CONFERENCE.   This year’s conference will be held in Kent County, with accommodations at Washington College in Chestertown. Check The Maryland Yellowthroat for registration information as the date approaches.

July 17 -- BUTTERFLY WALK.   Pat Caro will lead a butterfly walk at Audrey Carroll on Saturday July 17. People should contact her for information at 301-845-6246.

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Faded Background: Dunlin and Semipalmated Sandpipers, Frederick County, MD

Image © Gary Smyle

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